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Welcome to the internet site of band music orchestra JUBAL Varsseveld!

JUBAL is an active band music orchestra with a wind band (playing in 1st division, highest amateur music level in the Netherlands). In order to keep the music level at a high pitch, JUBAL has two youth bands (B level orchestra and C level orchestra) in which young students are profoundly trained. Moreover it is important that the students learn to love music, and learn to listen and play in harmony. To learn more about this most interesting band, please use the navigation. Unfortunately not all pages are translated yet, however it will give a very good impression of the orchestra and all of the band unit’s activities. Please leave a message in our guest book!
The orchestra JUBAL exists of a lot of units. On this page you will find more information about these individual units:

A level band

The A level band is the highest level orchestra of JUBAL. The band plays in the 1st division, the highest amateur music level in the Netherlands. The orchestra is directed by Henk-Jan Heijnen and has over 60 members.

B level band

The B level band is the highest learning level orchestra of JUBAL. The band plays in the 4th division since 2004. The orchestra is directed by Gerjo Seesink. Senior students play along with advanced students. The band is completed with members of the A level band.

C level band

The C level band was founded to learn young music students to play together, and to learn about the music theory. After an intensive one-year course on an instrument, the student is ready to play in this band.

Mini C band

JUBAL’s key objective is that junior students learn to listen and play together. Before entering the C level band, the junior students get the opportunity to join the Mini C band. Based on easy music pieces, the junior students learn what is involved in playing in an orchestra or band. Of course music theory is also very important in the Mini C.

Music lessons

In order to train the students profoundly, we have contacted highly competent music professors who train their students. JUBAL ensures the locations (in most cases in their home town Varsseveld). The music professors are free to adapt the lessons to the specific needs of the individual student. JUBAL acts as monitor between the professors and the student. Following music lessons at JUBAL automatically ensures a free membership of the Mini C band, the C level band and the B level band.

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